Jessica Rothman

Professor, Primate Ecology
Hunter College Of The City University Of New York

Honorary Lecturer, Zoology
Makerere University, Uganda


Nutritional Ecology Lab:

In addition to a field program in Uganda, I am the director of our primate nutritional ecology lab here at Hunter College, with equipment to analyze primate foods for basic nutrients (protein, sugar, fiber, fat, ash, energy), minerals and some secondary compounds, such as tannins and alkaloids. We are well equipped to run new assays as needed. The lab is certified Biosafety Level II which enables us to work safely with material of primate origin (feces, urine, saliva, etc.).


Instruments in our lab include:
Foss XDS Near infrared reflectance spectrometer (funded by an NSF MRI grant)
Leco TruSpec Nitrogen Analyzer
ANKOM Fiber Analyzer
ANKOM Fat Analyzer
ANKOM Gas Production Measurement Kit
Thermo iCAP 7200 ICP Spec
Evolution UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
IKA Bomb Calorimeter
BioTek Plate Reader
LabConco Freeze Dryer

We also have the typical array of general lab equipment including centrifuges, drying ovens, incubators, muffle furnace, rotary evaporator, etc.

We are not a fee-for-service lab, but we are happy to consider collaborative projects.We are also happy to share published data that arefeatured in our papers. We have a large database of nutritional values of the tropical plants eaten by primates in Uganda and are willing to consider sharing these data through collaborative research. Please contact Jessica for more information.

If you are interested in a commercial nutritional laboratory, we frequently use and highly recommend Dairy One, in Ithaca, NY. Click here to access their website.


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