Fellowships and Awards

1980 NSF/Anthropology. Development of primate species
1982 Fulbright Senior Scholar, Research, Brazil
1982 NSF/U.S. – Japan Cooperative Sciences Program. Collaborative revision of the Miocene primates from the La Venta (Colombia, South America). With T. Setoguchi, Kyoto University, Japan
1987 NSF/U.S. – Japan Cooperative Sciences Program. Collaborative study of the La Venta fossil primates. With T. Setoguchi, Kyoto University, Japan
1990 Career Development Award, National Zoological Park, Smithsonian
1990 NSF/Anthropology. Visualizing molar occlusion and function: application of laser and CAD-CAM technology. With L. L. Sadler and E. D. Rekow
1991 L.S.B. Leakey Foundation. New Approach to the Oreopithecus Dilemma: Computer-assisted Visualization of Molar Morphology
1992 Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Studies Program. Locomotion in Golden Lion Tamarins. With D.G. Kleiman and C. Miranda- Ruiz
1992 1992 Smithsonian Institution Abbott Fund. Evolutionary relationships of Leontopithecus. With R. Fleischer and D.G.Kleiman
1992 Project 21: Looking through Multimedia Windows. With Lynn Dolnick & Bill Xanten, Smithsonian Institution
1996 Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. Development of Digital Tools for Imaging Fossil Hominids
2003 Tow Faculty Travel Fellowship, Brooklyn College. Fossils and Subfossils from the Continent and the Caribbean
2004 PSC – CUNY. Fossil Primates of Patagonia
2005 PSC – CUNY. Who is PV 5000? Fossil Primates of Patagonia.
2005 NSF/SEI. Collaborative Research on Visualization of Evolutionary Transformation using 3D Morphometric: African Monkeys as a Test Case. With E. Delson, S. Frost, W. Harcourt-Smith and K. St. John.
2006 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science.
2006 Tow Travel Fellowship - Brooklyn College. Patagonia a Brooklyn expedition in search of fossil monkeys.
2006 NSF DDI: Dental Microstructure and Growth in the Cebidae (Russell Hogg).
2006 L.S.B. Leakey Foundation. Identification of isolated hominin molars using 3D geometric morphometric analysis. With M. Singleton and C. Robinson.
2007 NEH Digital Humanities Initiative Cuneiform Forensics 3D Digital Analysis of Cuneiform Tablets Bankoff, A., A.L. Rosenberger and R. Mayr.
2007 PSC CUNY - Reconnaissance fieldtrip to the Cave of the Fossil monkey, Cuba. 2007-2008
2007 CUNY - A portable environmental scanning electron microscope: applications in Geology and Anthropology. With John A. Chamberlain, Jr., Wayne G. Powell, Stephen U. Aja
2007 NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement (Siobhan Cooke): Dental Morphology and Diet in the Greater Antillean Platyrrhines
2008 PSC CUNY - Island Monkeys: The Caribbean-Colombia connection
2010 PSC CUNY - The tarsier-anthropoid hypothesis
2010 NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement (Lauren Halenar): Paleobiology of Protopithecus brasiliensis, a plus-sized Pleistocene platyrrhine from Brazil.
2010 Leakey Foundation - Salvaging fossil primates from an underwater cave
2011 PSC CUNY - The earliest fossil New World monkeys
2011 National Geographic/ Waitt Foundation - Monkey fossils from the Dominican Republic
2014 NSF RAPID - Underwater Primate Fossil Graveyard is Under Immediate Threat in Madagascar
2014 National Geographic - The Fossils of Aven Cave: Reconnaissance and Recovery of Primate Fossils in a Flooded Malagasy Cave
2015 US Agency for International Development - Subaquatic Fossils from the Dominican Deep: Enhancing Museum Science, Exhibition and Education
2015 NSF RAPID Renewal: Underwater Primate Fossil Graveyard is Under Immediate Threat in Madagascar