Members or affiliates of the NMG include:

Eric Delson , CUNY & AMNH     E-mail:
Leslie F. Marcus (passed away February 2002), CUNY & AMNH

F. James Rohlf, SUNY/Stony Brook & CUNY     E-mail: Dr. Rohlf

Sergio Almécija (NYCEP/NMG postdoc at AMNH 2010-2012) Senior Research Scientist, Biological Anthropology, AMNH     E-Mail:
Karen Baab (CUNY/NYCEP PhD 2007) Associate Professor at Midwestern University (Arizona)    E-Mail:
Siobhan Cooke (CUNY/NYCEP PhD 2011) Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University     E-Mail:
Sarah Freidline (CUNY/NYCEP PhD 2012) Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Central Florida     E-mail:
Martin Friess (AMNH/NMG Postdoc 2000-2001) Professor at Musée de l'Homme, Paris  E-mail:
Stephen R. Frost (CUNY PhD 2001; AMNH/NMG Postdoc 2001-2002) Professor at University of Oregon     E-Mail:
Chris Gilbert (Stonybrook PhD 2009) Professor at Hunter College/CUNY
Lauren Halenar-Price (CUNY PhD 2012, NYCEP/NMG Postdoc 2012-2017) Assistant Professor at Farmingdale State College/SUNY     E-Mail:
William E. H. Harcourt-Smith (AMNH/CUNY/NMG Postdoc 2002-2010) Associate Professor at Lehman College/CUNY & Research Associate AMNH     E-Mail:
Katerina Harvati (CUNY PhD 2001) Professor at University of Tubingen, Tubingen, Germany and Adjunct Faculty, CUNY     E-Mail:,
Zach Klukkert (CUNY PhD 2019), Assistant Professor of Medicine, Central Michigan University     E-mail:
Kieran P. McNulty (CUNY PhD 2003) Professor at University of Minnesota     E-Mail:
Anthony Pagano (CUNY PhD 2014) Assistant Professor at Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine     E-mail:
Chris Robinson (NYU PhD 2003) Professor at Bronx Community College/CUNY     E-Mail:
Brian Shearer (CUNY PhD 2018), Instructor in Anatomy at NYU Medical School     E-mail:
Michelle Singleton (AMNH/NYCEP Postdoc 1998-1999) Research Associate at Field Museum of Natural History     E-mail:
Lissa Tallman (CUNY PhD 2010; NMG/NYCEP Postdoc 2010-2012) Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University     E-mail:
Nicole Webb (CUNY PhD 2018)     E-mail:

Claudia Astorino, CUNY PhD student     E-mail:
Dagmawit Abebe Getahun, CUNY PhD student     E-mail:
Eric Mazelis, CUNY PhD student     E-mail: